Enhancing your environment

At AGGORA we recognise that creating the right foodservice environment goes beyond looking great. When planning your space it’s also important to focus on comfortable temperatures, safety, energy efficiency, utility distribution and spare capacity. This is why at AGGORA we place as much importance on electrical and mechanical design as wall, floor and ceiling finishes.

Air conditioning and ventilation

From heating in the winter to cooling in the summer, all of our HVAC solutions are designed to deliver throughout all of the seasons of the year. For convenience to your operations, our systems are designed with engineer access and future maintenance in mind.

From our smaller Air Conditioning systems encompassing wall mounted or ceiling mounted cassettes to our larger VRV systems, all products are selected based on their efficiently to cool, provide energy saving through movement sensors, dual air discharge, low operational sound levels, and optional heat modes that provide a low cost heating solution.

Ventilation is not just about extraction. It’s about air movement and the process of replacing air within a space with new, cleaner air, in an effort to improve the air quality and create a comfortable environment throughout the year. Our ventilation systems can be installed as stand alone operations or incorporated into a complete HVAC solution.

Electrical installation

Combining our catering equipment expertise with our electrical design and installation experience ensures we remain at the leading edge when it comes to effective power distribution.

Having a proven track record of performing these works for a number of high profile clients whilst maintaining an exemplary safety record throughout is a credit to our team of directly employed qualified electricians, whom install, commission and maintain a wide variety of electrical systems on a daily basis.

In addition to electrical distribution boards and circuits, they also install data cabling, LED and emergency lighting, feature lighting, and electrical mechanical products such as electric water heaters.