The next generation of commercial kitchen ventilation control

What does Sensavent do?

  • SENSAVENT Saves energy by controlling the extract and supply fans and bringing them in line to reflect the cooking activity that is occurring under the hood.
  • It is made up of a number of intelligent modules and sensors, connected via a data communications network. Our unique system allows us to dial in remotely to optimise performance, pull energy-saving reports, and diagnose any faults without the need to attend site.

How much energy can Sensavent save?

On the charts to the right, drag the green bar left and right to see extract system usage with and without a Sensavent system installed.

Without SensaventWith Sensavent

Tangible savings with Sensavent

Up To 80%


Long Life Span

Save CO2

What type of operation suits Sensavent?

  • Kitchens that operate from 8 hours a day will benefit most from SENSAVENT
  • Island or wall type cooking extract systems with 3 phase fans
  • Multiple cookline extraction sites

Can Sensavent be retrofitted?

  • SENSAVENT can be retrofitted to 99% of existing cooking extract systems
  • SENSAVENT can be designed in to new canopy and extract systems by Aggora Lockhart Projects
  • SENSAVENT can integrate with sophisticated BMS systems too

Sensavent benefit summary

Energy savings:

SENSAVENT saves energy by modulating the extract and air supply fans. When activity is low in the kitchen fan speeds are reduced to 40% of their normal operating speed. Further energy is saved by the reducing the demand for conditioned air supply.

Safe & Comfortable Kitchen’s:

SENSAVENT modulates the fans reducing the noise pollution in the kitchen. Better control over temperatures in the kitchen space. Carbon dioxide sensors as standard with SENSAVENT, improving the safety of the kitchen and ramping up fans if signs are present.

Maintaining the extract system in good condition:

Modulation and capping the fans from running at their full load (100%) will aid to a longer fan life.

Remote monitoring:

SENSAVENT has the ability to monitor key system KPI’s such as fan speeds, duct temperature, running times and invertor current. Faults can be quickly identified and often fixed remotely, maintenance needs can be identified and kitchen performance optimised. All of this without attending site.

Energy Saving Report:

Our system allows us to retrieve fan to data to analyse running times and show our clients how much SENSAVENT is saving them. We can identify peak activity times and conduct further site optimisation to ensure every site is saving as much as possible.

Fire safety:

The temperature in the extract ducts is measured continuously and if high temperatures are detected, action is taken to alert the operators of a possible fire condition.